CorX Features: why is so unique.


7 assembled components to assure the best working precision.


Titanium Ti6Al4V AMS4829/2631 class AA used in aeronautic field and in F1.
Bronze B14 to take advantage of low-friction properties of this metal alloy.
Boxwood as the contact with the bottle glass, to avoid any marks.


All components are machined from raw materials on milling machine; there are not any casting parts.


the ‘screw’ is made with a material compatible with food and it is designed like a cone to make easier the entering into the cork, even if it is 50mm in length


Harmonious and elegant form combined with a reliable design, make this corkscrew into a nineteenth century object, when brass was the well-known material for this kind of use. Nowadays new alloys and new technologies make possible the creation of this jewel, entirely hand-polished


267 grams


Max height: 157mm
Max length: 71mm
Max diameter: 48mm