“our” corkscrew

The Exclusive Professional Corkskrew

From the race track to the wine cellar, from the roar of the engine to the most refined taste, from the most aerodynamic form to the most beautiful shape:
corX is born in an environment where the choice of the finest materials and attention to detail are of the utmost importance for success.

Those who dedicate their lives to the creation of components that require infinitesimal precision ‘sculpt’ this fine collector’s item in order to arrive at a perfection of form with which the greatest ‘sommelier’ in the world may open the very finest bottles of wine; an occasion to take delight in doing something.

Titanium and Bronze, combined with the natural elegance of Boxwood give life to the most precious of corkscrews.

The Shape

Harmonious and elegant form combined with a reliable design, make this corkscrew into a nineteenth century object, when brass was the well-known material for this kind of use.

Nowadays new alloys and new technologies make possible the creation of this hand-polished corkscrew, that became a masterpiece for collectors.